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Since 1999, a total of 284 Scholarships have been awarded.

In January 2015:
  • we had 62 scholars in secondary education thanks to the generosity of sponsors who wish to give young Kenyans hope and the opportunity to rise above poverty through education.
  • A further 76 scholars were being supported through degree and diploma courses at universities and colleges in Kenya, mainly around Nairobi.
  • 82 scholars have now graduated and are beginning to make their way in their chosen careers.
  • 34 have had their scholarship withdrawn at different stages for a variety of reasons.
Secondary Education
Children in Kenya start school at the age of 6 and progress through 8 classes, or 'standards', until the approximate leaving age of 14 years. At this point they take a national, standardised examination, the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). However, secondary education is not free and paying for the necessary fees and equipment is way beyond the means of the vast majority of local people.

The Langalanga Scholarship Fund has given 284 needy, young Kenyans the opportunity to show their potential by achieving amazing results at the end of secondary education. The majority continue to astound by their commitment to prove that they were worthy recipients of a Langalanga scholarship and are desperate to continue their education through tertiary level and achieve a qualification that will help to shape their futures and, hopefully, that of their families and their communities.

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The Langalanga Scholarship Professionals
As the Langalanga Scholars Association (LLSA) continues to thrive and to provide much support to younger scholars at school and those beginning at colleges and universities, the LLSA committee has taken the bold step to register with the Kenya Government a new organisation called Langalanga Scholarship Professionals. This raises the possibility of receiving donations from ‘Kenyans to help Kenyans’ and, although in its early development, it is an idea with great potential for continuing our work into the future.

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The results of our Form 4 Leavers this year continue to show their motivation and commitment to do well. Of our 20 scholars, we had a total of 5 ‘A’-s, an amazing achievement in Kenya, and 5 ‘B+’s. These scholars now wait to be allocated competitive places at Government universities. Others will apply for good, recognised vocational diploma courses. Sadly, 3 scholars failed to meet the charity’s high benchmark for tertiary support but they remain members of the Langalanga Scholars Association and are entitled to their advice and support.

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